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Temporary staff

HR Xchange have the capability to recruit staff according to our Client’s
unique requirements for both large and small projects.

These candidates are employed as a substitute for employees that are temporarily absent or for an influx of work. The temporary employee is outsourced to the Client.

What do we do?

Recruitment of the candidate according to our Client’s specifications

Face-to-face, competency based interviews

Full screening of candidates with regards to reference checking, qualifications, criminal records and skills testing where required.

Management of the interview process between the client and candidate

All contracting aspects of employment

Facilitation of the onboarding process

All Industrial Relations aspects

Management of the entire payroll function from capturing hours, processing payslips and making all legislated payments (PAYE, UIF, etc.) as well as all third party payments.

Facilitation of the exit process

The benefits of outsourcing labour

  1. Skills that are not available internally can be imported.
  2. Flexibility for fluctuating workloads.
  3. Saving on administration and payroll costs, as well as disciplinary procedures, legal costs and union negotiations while still having control of your workforce.
  4. HR Xchange have dedicated Customer Relationship Managers that attend to our Client needs. The account manager is therefore familiar with the Client and their requirements and is constantly in touch with both Client and Employee.
  5. Our Recruiters will source candidates in strict accordance with the Client’s requirements. We would only send suitable candidates for interviews which saves you time and money.
  6. We have an existing database of candidates and therefore have access to a wider range of qualified people in a shorter timeframe.
  7. We have a large networking structure which enables us to do targeted searches and headhunting.
  8. HR Xchange will handle the entire screening process to ensure only the best candidates are submitted.
  9. Because we keep abreast of all changes in the LRA, BCEA and Bargaining Councils, our Clients are always kept up to date with legislation.